TVS Motor sales rise 14% in April

NEW DELHI: TVS MotorBSE 2.17 % Company today reported 14 per cent increase in total sales at 1,95,937 units in April.

The Chennai-based company had sold 1,71,897 units in the same month last year.

Total two-wheeler sales for the month grew by 13 per cent to 1,86,041 units as against 1,65,194 units in April 2014, TVS Motor Company said in a statement.

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Four arrested for stealing luxury cars in south Delhi

NEW DELHI: A gangster and the son-in-law of a senior Uttarakhand government official have been arrested along with two others for stealing luxury cars from south Delhi. Police said they would buy discarded vehicles at cheap rates and replace them with the stolen vehicles.

“A team led by SHO RK Puram, Neeraj Kumar, arrested the four men—Nawab Warsi, Deepak Ghildhiyal, Ashutosh Bhandari and Wajid Khan—from Uttarakhand,” said Prem Nath, DCP south.

The police team had spotted a Tata Safari at a check post and found that it was stolen and the engine number had been tampered with. The occupants of the SUV were arrested. During investigation it was found that Warsi was a gangster who had murdered four witnesses who had appeared against him in court.

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Bicycle stopping offices and their different angles

In the late years, there has been a surge within the utilization of atmosphere unthreatening methodology for transport like athletics. a lot of people square measure presently deciding to discard their extravagant autos and attempt for the old bicycles. nevertheless, this suggests that currently there’s a developing demand for parking spot for bikes. henceforward any business association or venture got to contribute on creating a secure parking spot for rockers.

A decent bicycle parking spot got to have the attendant qualities:

• The workplace got to be sufficiently secure to protect all bicycles from robbery;

• It got to be well open and effectively noticeable – thus it’s best to possess it created around the geographic point or business undertaking;

• Caters to bicycles of distinctive makes and sizes;

• is effortlessly unbroken up;

• Have enough space and limit; and

• yield distinctive styles of riders.

When you square measure creating the arrangements for a bicycle stopping workplace, you’ll got to contemplate the mixture total of area that you simply have on the market to you. seeable of that, will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} focus the type of rack that you simply can have introduced. Case in purpose, a protected or secured bicycle stopping workplace can faithfully consume a lot of space contrasted with a simple, cycle rack.

Before you actually accept a transparent type of stopping framework, bear in mind the type of rockers you’re gratification and therefore the space of the area that you simply have. this may offer for you a superior thought of what you need.

The different styles of stopping selections include:

Cycle racks or stands financially savvy parking square measureas are fitted in toast rock development, allowing shoppers to change the cycle each at the wheels and casing.

Sanctuaries provide secured bicycle stopping offices that square measure good for cycles which is able to be stopped for a lot of times of your time. necessary will increase that may be created here incorporate powder covering, lockers, protection selections, lighting and CCTV.

Cycle mixes will provide extra security and square measure splendidly fitted to long stopping hours.

Two-level cycle racks: they provide double the stopping alternatives than offered by convention

Whether you’re still in your teens or have reached adulthood, your bike should hold a awfully special place in your life. Ever since we tend to were toddlers, bikes are a serious item of passion in our lives. regardless of what one’s age is, riding a motorcycle for sure makes one in every of the best pastimes. a motorcycle gathers lots of soil and dirt from its meanderings across the streets, which might eventually cut back its life. thus it’s gratuitous to mention that a motorcycle must always be taken care of properly. along side the varied bike accessories that you simply may have to take a position in, a motorcycle parking rack are some things that you simply must always have.

Whether you select to park your bike inside or outdoors, you ought to invariably create use of a motorcycle parking rack. There square measure differing kinds of motorcycle racks on the market within the market. you’ll be able to use one in every of the vertical ones that square measure manufactured from iron. These vertical racks will enable you to hold your bike from the ceiling or have it a lot of nearer to the bottom. Another kind of bike parking rack that’s quite widespread these days is that the one called wave. The waves square measure comprised of long, cannular bars that run across the frame horizontally.

Vinyl Car Wrapping Explained

For many race car owners, using adhesive vinyl on their vehicles is always a better decision than spending on paint.

This is primarily because vinyl is significantly a less expensive alternative. On top of that, modern vinyl technology can assure results that are just as amazing as the painted ones.

Yes, the vinyl wrap products we have in our time have greatly improved. For once, bubbles are eliminated because vinyl is made of formable cast. Moreover, factory laminate coating can make the vinyl last longer – even up to a decade.

These days, vinyl wrapping is being used not just for race cars but for other vehicles that want to change colors. Instead of having to paint the car, owners may use a plain-colored vinyl as a substitute.

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Junk Cars and Pollution

China will scrap more than six million cars by the end of 2014. The Government of China has announced this new move to bring down air pollution. More than 30% of air pollution in Beijing comes from the car exhaust. Similarly, other countries are also facing the pollution problem. Junk cars pose a threat to the environment. People need to take measures on this issue for their own welfare. Car removal is a good option to get rid of junk cars. Car recycling can help in reducing the pollution.

The production rate of new cars has increased very rapidly in the last few years. The higher production rate has declined the average car life. An old car consists of leaks in the canisters and fluid tanks. These leaks may result in soil erosion. It is best to use a car removal service and get these scrap cars off the road. Many parts of the car are recyclable. You can save half ton of coal due to recycling. More than 60% of car consists of steel. We can also save more than 70% of energy by recycling the metal and not making new steel. Many applications involve the use of recycled steel. Moreover, it does not lose its inherent strength upon recycling again and again. It offers many economic and environmental benefits.

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The Lotus Esprit Sport 350 Sports Car

A review of The Lotus Esprit Sport 350 Sports Car, covering development, important features, and technical data of this the twenty sixth model in the Lotus range.

In this Article, I offer a nostalgic look at the Lotus Esprit Sport 350, one of an elite group of classic cars, which was manufactured during the year 1999.

The Esprit Sport 350 was introduced, in 1999, at the NEC Motor Show in Birmingham.

It was conceived as an attempt to ride on the coattails of the Sport 300 and the Esprit V8, with their Lotus 918, 3.5 litre, V8, twin turbocharged engine, using Garrett T25 Turbos, and with multipoint fuel injection.

It had a 0-60 mph time of 4.3 secs, a 0-100 mph time of 9.9 secs, and a top speed of 175 mph.

With adjustments to the engine management system, the lower end torque could be increased.

It was the most aggressive Esprit supercar, being both road going and suitable for the track.

The name Sport 350 came, not surprisingly, from the fact that the engine developed 350 bhp.

However, with the emergence of strict emission control regulations in the US, Lotus was somewhat limited in what it could further achieve, in terms of performance, from the Sport 350. By now, the Esprit was in its twilight years.

The real benefits for the car would come from a racing orientated suspension set up, wider magnesium wheels, better brakes, a carbon fibre rear wing, and a sports interior with lightweight bucket seats.

Although Lotus targeted a production run of only 50 units to keep the model exclusive, in the end, only 47 were actually built.

Furthermore, a limited edition aluminium plaque was fitted to the bottom of the windscreen and in the centre of the dashboard, whilst red camshaft covers replaced the previous blue version.

Curiously, with all that power on tap, it was never fitted with a limited slip differential.

Externally, it differed from the 1998 Esprit V8 SE and GT variants as follows:

  • A newly styled front end
  • Fitting a massive carbon fibre rear wing which was supported by aluminium uprights
  • Special silver paint for the body
  • A silver grille mesh in the lower body openings
  • The low front spoiler was made even deeper so that it was almost touching the ground
  • Both front and side air vents were emphasised in blue
  • Huge “Sport 350″ emblems were positioned strategically on each door and on the roof

By fitting OZ Racing Crono Magnesio alloy wheels, this would increase grip and help reduce weight.

Furthermore, these five spoke alloys were known to be the lightest road wheels it was possible to buy.

Rigidity was improved by stiffening the suspension and adding engine bracing.

It was fitted with a Kelsey Hayes anti lock braking system.

Furthermore, to improve the stopping power, it received larger two piece, 320 mm, AP Racing disc brakes all round, which were vented and drilled.

For those requiring a more definitive exhaust note, there was an optional sports exhaust.

The dashboard was made entirely of carbon fibre to minimise weight.

Now that the overall weight had been reduced by around 80 kg, the Sport 350 was the highest performing Esprit to date, with a price tag that was a fraction under £65,000.

These weight savings contributed to it becoming the first Esprit to break the 10 second barrier for the 0-100 mph time.

The stunning Sport 350 sports car was regarded, in many quarters, as the fastest and finest Esprit ever built.

This marked the end of the Lotus Esprit Sport 350

Perhaps this stroll down memory lane might have answered, or at least shed light on, a possible question:

Which Lotus Sports Car is Your Favourite?

However, should this question still remain unanswered, I will be reviewing, in some detail, in future articles within this website, the entire range of Lotus sports cars which were featured in the memorable era spanning 1952 to 1996.

I hope you join me in my nostalgic travels “down sports car memory lane”.

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Maruti Suzuki aims to sell 60,000 to 80,000 units of the Ciaz annually

Maruti Suzuki aims to sell 60,000 to 80,000 units of the Ciaz annually

Maruti Suzuki aims to sell 60,000 to 80,000 units of the Ciaz annually. This was conveyed to CarWale during the launch of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz in Mumbai on October 6 by RS Kalsi, executive director marketing and sales. This means the company aims to sell 5,000 to 7,000 cars a month, a number that will be far higher than any of its immediate rivals.  The Ciaz sedan has been priced at Rs 6.99 lakh (Ex-showroom Delhi). The Indo-Japanese automaker’s new C-segment sedan is available with both petrol and diesel engines as well as two gearbox options.

The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz will be produced in India at MSIL’s Manesar plant and eventually be exported to over 100 countries across parts of Europe and Latin America, Middle-East and Africa. The company says that it has enough capacity to meet local demand as well as export requirements. We believe that if the demand is sufficient, it may kill one of its older and underperforming models to free up space on the production line.

One of Maruti Suzuki’s aims with the Ciaz is to help it move up the ladder and graduate its image beyond A-segment and B-segment cars. It feels that this is the right time to introduce the car as customers are now looking to move up the chain and are now demanding products on par with global standards, something they feel they can achieve with the Ciaz.

During the launch, many sections of the media questioned Maruti Suzuki on the engines being offered with the Ciaz, in the light that many of its competitors were offering larger and more powerful mills. Kalsi said that they had chosen the engines due to availability and the fact that this combination offered them the best mix of performance and fuel efficiency with the latter being a major demand of the Indian consumer.

Speaking on the Celerio, he said that there was currently a good demand for the vehicle and that they had moved beyond the 5,000 units per month output for the hatchback and added that there was now an eight week waiting period for the car. The Celerio was the first car to sport an AMT in India and it looks like this option may be offered on Maruti’s other models too.

He said that the Dzire facelift was currently in the pipeline but refused to give a specific timeline as to  when the car will be launched. The much awaited SX4 S-Cross would be launched in 2015 but once again he did not give a specific date. The company does have any plans for a compact SUV at present but will move into that part of the market if it sees enough demand.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz launched in India for Rs 6.99 lakh




Maruti Suzuki S-Cross spied testing on Jaipur highway

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross spied testing on Jaipur highway

The Maruti Suzuki S-Cross was spotted testing yet again, this time on the Jaipur highway. The images of the fully camouflaged vehicle were sent to us by our reader Arpit Jain.

The S-Cross made its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show last year. It is currently sold in some European markets as a replacement to the SX4 hatchback. The company will make a host of changes before they launch it for the Indian market in mid 2015. The car’s fascia sports a three-piece horizontal slats chrome grille, projector headlamps, DRLs and fog lamps. The interior is expected to be similar to the one in the Swift’s cabin.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

The Suzuki S-Cross in the European market is powered by the 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines. We think the S-Cross for the Indian market may be powered by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder diesel engine that will churn out 120bhp of power and 320Nm of torque. The petrol variant may be powered by a 1.6-litre mill that will produce 120bhp of power and 160Nm of torque. The transmission systems may include the five-speed manual transmission or a CVT gearbox.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

The S-Cross was exhibited at the 2014 Auto Expo in India at the start of this year. Maruti Suzuki will launch the car in the Indian market to compete with the Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and even the Mahindra XUV 500 in the highly competitive mid-size crossover segment. It might be priced in the Rs 12-15 lakh bracket.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

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BMW Family Active Sports Tourer (FAST) spotted testing?

BMW Family Active Sports Tourer (FAST) spotted testing?

Spy photographers have spotted a test mule which looks quite similar to a BMW X1. The source claims it is a new BMW model internally called Family Active Sports Tourer (FAST).

The vehicle looks more like a model that might be slotted between the recently launched 2 Series Active Tourer and the X1. The proportions are minivan like and it gets a stooping silhouette at the rear. The front looks like the X1 and the rear gets a big tailgate like the 2 Series Active Tourer.

The source adds that the test mule had a sticker on the side which indicated at that it was a hybrid model. Also, the mule was using BMW’s new front-wheel drive UKL modular architecture that also underpins the new Mini, 2 Series Active Tourer and the next generation X1.

These are still early days and there aren’t many details about this product, but, we don’t expect BMW to bring this to India. Our market is still not mature for a product like this and it will end up being stuck in the showrooms.

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2015 Skoda Fabia spotted testing ahead of Paris Motor Show unveiling

2015 Skoda Fabia spotted testing ahead of Paris Motor Show unveiling

The 2015 Skoda Fabia might be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October. Meanwhile a test mule was spotted testing uncamouflaged and the details being hidden with only a tape and fake decals.

This is by far the closest pictures one has seen of the Fabia hatchback and the design cues are clearly evident. As it has been the case with most Skoda cars for a while, the fascia of the 2015 Fabia looks much similar to the Rapid and the MQB-based Octavia.

    2015 Skoda FabiaThe Fabia as is evident from the spy pictures retains a few design bits from the current model like the C-pillar. However, it gets more angular details than the existing model. Although, it looks like the new car has grown in dimensions which might be a possibility, the interesting part is the wheelbase looks longer and might create more interior space.

The 2015 Fabia won’t be built on VW’s modern MQB platform as rumoured earlier. Instead, the car will be underpinned by the same architecture albeit with a few revisions. This was done to save costs and the fact that the Rapid shares its platform with the Fabia which gives them economy of scale.

It is likely to be powered by the two turbocharged petrol units – the 1.2-litre and 1.4-litre TSI engines. The diesel model will be powered by the 1.6-litre TDI engine and maybe a three-pot 1.0-litre engine.

   2015 Skoda FabiaSkoda India discontinued the Fabia in 2013 owing to poor sales. The Czech carmaker might re-introduce the Fabia in our market once the new car hits the international markets. The 2015 Fabia is expected to make its debut this year at the Paris Motor Show and we can expect the car to hit our shores in late 2015 or earlier.

2015 Skoda Fabia testing at the Nurburgring

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